Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Company Admins: Getting started with English Assessment Corporate Module

English language certificateCompanies, organizations and schools use TrackTest Company Module for English assessment of students, employees and job candidates.

Here is a collection of useful links from our blog for company administrators.


Choose how you want to import users into your account
3 Ways how to get English test users into the company account

If you decide to import your employees from excel, here is how to do it:
Bulk import of users from excel

You can use a dedicated company voucher if you cannot use emails for invitations. Users create their accounts and apply their vouchers at the payment gate. 

Alternatively, you can set up an e-mail and password for each user individually:
Optional password for TrackTest English Assessment users


When you have users in your account, simply select users and click the button Invite to test. You can edit the text in an e-mail (e.g., you can advise users which level they should pick if applicable). At the end of this e-mail, the system also adds the link to the test. Users are automatically logged into their accounts with one click:
How e-mail invites work.

Invitations are sent from an e-mail: It is recommended to add this address to the contact list or safe sender list in the user's e-mail client to avoid ending up in the Spam folder.
Admins can add themselves on Cc to get a copy of each e-mail (expect to receive 100 e-mails when you invite 100 people).

Users can do any of the six CEFR levels. The Same level can be repeated after one month (different questions are generated). If users do not know which level to start with, they can make an optional quick pre-test: free English placement test- how it works.


When you have your users imported, you can optionally assign them to groups (departments, classes, etc.). One user can be assigned to more groups (e.g., in the group Sales as well as the group NewStarter)
How to use English groups for classrooms

and optionally assign a group administrator to them (for example their manager or teacher)
Group admins- what they can do


English test results can be found on the Results page. They can be filtered there or exported to Excel.
English test results page in the Company module

If the admin is interested in the individual user details, this can be found by clicking on username/e-mail (including full test history, progress chart and weaknesses feedback (things to improve in English).
Ad-hoc company or group analysis of language weaknesses can also be provided upon request.


Archived users cannot access their profiles and are not shown in the default view in Company Users and Results tables (among active users).
They can always be found using the filter Archived in the Status column. If needed, the admin can also re-activate these users individually or multiple users at once.


After 12 months from the first completion of the test, the user status changes to Expired so they cannot start new tests. If you want to continue monitoring their progress, prolong their license using your available credit.

Check also our video tutorials: 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your account manager assigned to you after your company registration for the English test