Thursday, January 10, 2019

Net Promoter Score update for 2018

For the second year in a row, we collected feedback from our individual customers. We asked them what they liked and what they would like to get improved in the TrackTest assessment solution. 

Collected answers are used for the calculation of the Net Promoter Score- NPS ® and for qualitative feedback about our service. Here are the 2018 NPS results:

TrackTest Net Promoter Score is 69 points- Excellent. 

Net Promoter Score is an important metric in measuring customer loyalty and satisfaction. Every score above 0 is considered "good" (50 points and above being "excellent").
Comparing with the 2017 NPS results, there is 15 points improvement.
We also used qualitative feedback as an inspiration for the new products and optional features launched in 2018, such as the proctored exam with the verified identity or the printed certificate by post.

Monday, December 10, 2018

TrackTest 2018 in numbers

We provided more than a quarter million English tests in 2018 to the test-takers from 200+ countries. An average placement test result was between B1 and B2 (but closer to B1). 

An average universal TrackTest score (TTS) in core tests was 398 points, with 62.9% of items answered correctly. 

Grammar/Use of English was the most difficult skill to pass with the 59.9 % efficiency, followed by Reading Comprehension with 63.4 % and Listening Comprehension (66%).
TrackTest English tests facts and figures from 2018
Each completed core test is accompanied with the feedback in which grammar topics the test-taker did the most mistakes. Past tenses topic was the most difficult grammar topic, appearing in slightly more than 10 per cent of all feedbacks in 2018. Modal verbs and prepositions were other frequent topics to improve. 

Grammar feedback also differed by region.

Top grammar weaknesses per continent:

North and Central America: 1. Past tenses, 2. Prepositions, 3. Modal verbs
South America: 1. Modal verbs, 2. Prepositions, 3. Past tenses
Europe: 1. Past tenses, 2. Prepositions, 3. Future tenses
Africa: 1. Present tenses, 2. Conditionals, 3. Prepositions
Asia:  1. Past tenses, 2. Modal verbs, 3. Prepositions
Australia and Oceania: 1. Prepositions, 2. Modal verbs, 3. Past tenses
Grammar topics to improve

In 2018, we have launched some amazing new features, such as the Proctored Exam with the verified identity (February), the Paper certificate by Post (October) or the enhanced reporting capabilities for organisations (December). 

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

FIFA World Cup Mundial 2018 football grammar question

Football fever is rising again in June and July 2018. FIFA World Cup 2018, the world's most prestigious football (soccer) event happening every 4 years takes place in Russia.  

Would you know the correct answer for this English grammar question from the A2 English test?

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Privacy update- 8 individual rights under GDPR and how is TrackTest addressing them

As you may have heard from your other web applications, new data protection laws are being launched all over the world (including GDPR in Europe). To keep pace with these new laws, TrackTest is updating its privacy policy effective May 25, 2018. Among the other things, the privacy policy specifies the differences if you use TrackTest as an individual user or if you take English tests through an organisation (typically your employer or school).

Friday, February 16, 2018

Winter Olympics question

Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang have started. Would you know the answer to this Olympic-themed question from our English tests?  

It is A2 proficiency level (Elementary English), grammar question focusing on present tenses.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

TrackTest 2017 in numbers

In 2017, we tested users from 210 countries with paying customers from 102 countries.

For the third consecutive year, we more than doubled the number of completed tests compared to the prior year. 

Key new features released in 2017: 
For all TrackTest English test users, we completed the optional Productive skills exam (Speaking) with the English Writing test, introduced the social logins via Facebook/Google and the detailed English test results

For corporate and school administrators, we have also added the weekly reportsdetailed results downloads, an option to lock/unlock the account access

We published the results from our 2-years project mapping the English proficiency of job-seekers in Central Europe and the Voice of the Customer for 2017. 

Thank you for another amazing year.

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Friday, January 5, 2018

(Your) Voice of the Customer in 2017

In 2017, we collected the feedback from you, our customers about what you liked and what you would improve in the TrackTest assessment solution. Collected answers are used for the calculation of the Net Promoter Score- NPS ® and for qualitative feedback about our service. Here are the 2017 results:

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Detailed English test results- feedback, comparison with others and pdf export

TrackTest English proficiency test provides more than the result and the CEFR English certificate.

Here are some new test result features available in all TrackTest accounts.
English exam protocol