Monday, January 23, 2023

Results: updated overview table for admins

With the launch of the new format of the Complete exam, we are able to quantify the score for all four skills, including speaking and writing. These scores have been displayed in the test reports and in the excel exports of detailed results. Now they are coming also to the Results overview table. 

Types of scores displayed in the Results overview table:

1. Test-taker takes the Core test, and admins see their Core test % score in the Results table

2. Test-taker finishes the Speaking&Writing exam, and admins can see Sx, Wx next to their Core test % score. It is an indicator that their Speaking and Writing exam is completed and is waiting for the evaluation.

3. When the Speaking and Writing exam evaluation is published by our raters, the total % result for the Complete test is displayed in bold.

The black result means the successful result, i.e. the test-taker achieved an overall score of at least 65% with none of your sub-scores (Core, Speaking, Writing) below 44%.
Failed Complete tests are highlighted in red. 

4. Filter: You can display All results or filter only the Core or only the Complete tests results. 

Sunday, January 8, 2023

The year 2022 in numbers

In 2022, we recorded a 35% year-on-year growth in user registrations and the number of completed English tests. It is 10 percentage points more than the annual growth in the previous "covid" year. 

We achieved world-class 71 points in the Net Promoter Score metric. 
76% of users would actively recommend Tracktest to a friend or colleague.

NPS 2022

Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures the customer satisfaction of individual Tracktest customers.

Based on the global standards, any score above 0 would be considered "good", 50 and above is excellent, while 70 and above is considered "world-class". 

Your qualitative feedback, which we have collected since 2017, is equally important. During these years, you sent us tons of valuable comments and suggestions, which we carefully evaluated and partially implemented. Here is the cloud of words you used in your product feedback most frequently: 


In September, we celebrated 10
 years since launching our English Core test and registering the first test-taker on our platform.  

New features in 2022: 

  • QR codes in the certificates (March)
  • Enhanced feedback (June)
  • Audio prompts in the speaking exam (September)
  • Migration of transactional e-mails to the EU region (December)
  • New design for offline and social media (December); the website will follow in 2023.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Feedback (things to improve) from your English test results

English test all skills

Tracktest does not show you the correct answers to the questions and tasks from your tests in order to protect our IP and avoid the washback effect. However, the system gives you detailed feedback on what you should focus on if you want to improve your test score in future.

1. In your test result, you will find the detailed section results (Grammar, Reading, Listening) together with the listed top three out of 13 English grammar topics where you failed most.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Verification QR code on certificates

In the footer of your TrackTest English certificate, you can find the QR code. It contains the shortcut to the online version of your certificate.  Anybody who received your certificate (school admission officer or recruiter) can immediately verify on the TrackTest servers that the certificate has not been forged and is authentic. 

How to use the QR code:

Point your QR code reader or smartphone camera to the code on your certificate and you will be directed to our certificate verification portal: with the pre-filled Test ID number and the name and you will find the online version of your certificate. 

QR codes have been added also to the past completed tests. You can download the updated pdf version from your TrackTest profile or get it from your assessment provider. All previously generated certificates remain valid. 

For more information about the English certificates, versions and specimens, please visit:

Friday, December 31, 2021

Year 2021 in numbers- adapting to the new normal

In our last year report, we described the year 2020 as the year "unlike all the others in our history" impacted by the abrupt Covid outbreak. 

In that aspect, the year 2021 could be labelled similarly. However, as all of us are adapting to the changes, it is becoming a new normal for the majority of organisations and individuals. The need for flexible, cost-effective independent assessment of English language proficiency is higher than ever, especially if it can be taken remotely with any device (PC or smartphone) and even from home. That is where our solutions can help.

Key 2021 figures: 

TrackTest reported 18-20% year-on-year growth in all key metrics in 2021. 

In April, we registered our millionth user.  

Our support team received 2.712 tickets (questions or requests) from our customers via e-mail or social media.
We resolved 97% of these tickets within the next working day. 

Most tickets were received on Monday and around 5 pm - 6 pm GMT. October was the busiest month.

63% of users would actively recommend TrackTest to a friend or colleague, 21% was neutral and 15% would not recommend it (calculated from users who individually purchased the licence in 2021 and participated in our after-sale NPS survey).

New features: 

In January, we have launched the brand new four-skills exam named the Complete test replacing the previously used English Core test with Speaking&Writing.
New options- Verified exams count in May, Enhanced credits assignation in October and November- were added for the assessment administrators.  

Customers using our API connector got new ways how to retrieve their detailed results and import them automatically to the system of their choice, for example to their custom PowerBI dashboards. 

TrackTest certificates have been recognized by the Ministry of Education in Colombia (Ministerio de Educación Nacional - Resolución No.018035).
European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) successfully completed the process of the TrackTest trademark registration.  

Teachers and test-takers preparing for the English exams can now find all relevant resources (mock exams, exam tips and minimum grammar and vocabulary required for each level in one place:

Wishing You All A Happy, Healthy, And Successful New Year 2022!

Monday, October 4, 2021

New features for admins: Credits assignation (Core, Verified, Speaking&Writing)

With the new software update planned for November 2021, we improve the way how you allocate the exam credits to your users.  Now you are able to assign the credit for the specific test version: with or without verification, with or without Speaking&Writing, for the specific level or for all.
This update has no impact on the cost and terms of use of the Core licences and credits for the additional options. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

New feature for admins: Verified credits counter in the company accounts

Administrators of the organizational accounts can now manage the credits for the Verified exam and activate and deactivate the access to the verified exams for their users. 

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Year 2020 in numbers- 20% more test-takers, 500% more verified tests

English tests provided
The year 2020 was unlike all the others in our history. Global pandemic situation impacted everybody, including the need for English assessments and certificates. Recruiters especially in hospitality sector paused the hiring, study abroad became more difficult, assessment centres have been closed and many schools needed to quickly switch to distance learning.  

Luckily, TrackTest English Tests have been able to address these new challenges with their suite of online, full-digital assessment solutions, from the free placement pre-test to the core test (receptive skills) and the complete four-skills certificates with or without online proctoring/invigilation. 

Key figures: