Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New feature: Optional password for users

We have made the invitation process very easy right from the beginning. Administrator invited users to test via TrackTest corporate module, users get an e-mail with the link, just click it and they are automatically logged in the tool and can start the test.

However, there have been some special use cases in companies and schools where this process would not completely fit. For example, there were organisations having a one dedicated computer for testers with limited or no access to their e-mail. Or user did not have an e-mail at all.

While there still have been workarounds for such cases, we wanted to make it easier for company admins and added a new alternative way- optional password for users. Company admin now can create the password for the particular user or group admin in their Edit User profile form and user then does not need to know their special invite URL but just their login e-mail address and password.