Thursday, February 6, 2014

New in Corporate module- improved filtering, totals and progress comparison

Today we launched the redesigned Results page in Corporate module.

Here are 5 major improvements:

1. Fulltext search searches in names and groups.

2. Compare to previous. You can compare the results with the previous user score and immediately see the student's progress.

3. Date selector. You can now filter the results based on the date of test completion. There are predefined options- Last Month (30 days), Last Quarter, Last Half-Year and Last Year as well as any custom range.

4. Total Average. It is a total average of all scores shown in the table so you can easily find not only an average score for your company or school but also the average score for any filtered results, e.g. for a specific group, department or teacher.

5. Detailed results and date of completion. Hover your mouse over the result and you will see the test results for individual sections (grammar, reading, listening) as well as the date of the test completion. You will find the section details also if you export the file to excel.

 Check it now at Tracktest >>