Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Where do you do the most mistakes In English? Check the new feedback info in your TrackTest profile

Most mistakes in English grammar
If you ever wondered where you have made the most errors in TrackTest English test, a new section in your Profile page is here to help you.

Feedback (things to improve)

In the Feedback section of your profile, you can find the three weakest topics, i.e. categories you have made the most mistakes during the last 12 months. They are selected from your results out of approximately 20 grammar, reading and listening topics tested by TrackTest English test questions in all levels and algorithmically recalculated reflecting the difficulty of the test levels.

The section includes also the simplified (non-scientific) definition of the topic, few sample sentences and recommendation how to improve your result.
Hope you will enjoy it.

Check the feedback in your Profile page.

If you want to see how are others doing, see also our latest infographic.