Monday, October 14, 2013

How-to: Using Groups for classrooms, teachers, schools or departments.

If you have a need to further differentiate your users, you can sort them into groups. Groups can represent your class, teacher, department, location (or all of them). They can be very useful if you want to filter your users quickly, share select results or delegate some of your management tasks to other people.

Set up is an easy task:

1. Create new group- Go to the section Groups in header and create new group (you will need to be a company admin to see it)

2. Name you Group and save it. In this example, we will name this group Beginners. Optionally, you can also add your users to the group here but since we want to filter them based on their last test results, we will leave other fields empty for now.

3. In the Results page, filter users based on their results and add them to the group. For example, we filtered all users who achieved worse result than 40% in A2.
Check them and click to Add to group button.

4. Select the group and confirm.

Mission accomplished. Users are now added to the group Beginners.

You may also want to share the results of the select group with a specific person, e.g., their teacher or team leader. You can assign them as their group admins, as explained in our post about group admin rights.