Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How-To: Bulk import of users

If you need quickly create more users in your Corporate module, you can use the feature Bulk import of users from file in four easy steps:

1. Prepare the list of users in excel in format:
First column- e-mail address
Second column- first name
Third column- last name
The first column is mandatory, others are optional. Download MS Excel template from GDrive.

2. Save file as CSV
- Press F12 in Excel and window Save As.. pops up.
- in the list Save in format choose the format CSV (comma separated) and save.

3. Upload file to
On the page Bulk import of users select the file and upload.

4. In the last step, the table with new users will be displayed on screen. If they are correct, confirm creation and new users will be added to your corporate profile.