Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Introducing TrackTest Score (TTS)

English progress trackingTrackTest Score (TTS) is used for better progress tracking of users who have tried more than one test level.

Since its beginning, we at TrackTest use the standard scale for language evaluation called CEFR. CEF has 6 levels from A1 to C2 and it became a global standard used by all relevant assessment centers around the world.
Our test result is hence a percentage score relative to the particular level from A1 to C2. Similarly, the Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) equals the successful pass of the B2 level or CPE is equivalent to the C2 level.

Such split into levels is very precise in results and allows us to define the different skillset requirements for different test levels. For example, the focus in higher levels moves from grammar questions to reading and listening sections and vice versa. However, it makes it a little bit more difficult for people and companies to track the actual progress of testers if they were just between two levels or wanted to move up from one level to another.

With the TrackTest Score (TTS), they can do the progress track seamlessly. It is a dynamically calculated numeric score in the range from 0 to 1200 using the algorithm based on all other user results and reflecting the difficulty difference among the levels.

You will find your last and best TTS score in your personal profile on Tracktest together with the visual representation of your progress showing the best result in each month you completed some test.