Wednesday, October 5, 2016

English proficiency school index 2016

For all English teachers, we are publishing the School English Proficiency Index on the day of World Teachers' Day

The School English Index is a benchmark calculated from all English test results achieved in TrackTest English Proficiency Tests by young learners and students in educational institutions- schools, high schools, colleges and universities around the world. 

In 2016, an average young learner of English language scored 429 points in the TTS scale

In the same way, we have calculated the average score of adult learners tested via the language schools from all continents.  

An average adult learner of English language in 2016 scored 511 points. 

English proficiency in schools

School admins and teachers can find the average score for their school or class directly in the School Console (Results page).

If you have not started English assessments in your school yet, create the free School Account