Thursday, March 24, 2022

Verification QR code on certificates

In the footer of your Tracktest English certificate, you can find the QR code. It contains the shortcut to the online version of your certificate.  Anybody who received your certificate (school admission officer or recruiter) can immediately verify on the Tracktest servers that the certificate has not been forged and is authentic. 

How to use the QR code:

Point your QR code reader or smartphone camera to the code on your certificate, and you will be directed to our certificate verification portal: with the pre-filled Test ID number and the name, and you will find the online version of your certificate. 

QR codes have also been added to the past completed tests. You can download the updated PDF version from your TrackTest profile or get it from your assessment provider. All previously generated certificates remain valid. 

For more information about the English certificates, versions and specimens, please visit: