Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Feedback (things to improve) from your English test results

English test all skills

Tracktest does not show you the correct answers to the questions and tasks from your tests in order to protect our IP and avoid the washback effect. However, the system gives you detailed feedback on what you should focus on if you want to improve your test score in future.

1. In your test result, you will find the detailed section results (Grammar, Reading, Listening) together with the listed top three out of 13 English grammar topics where you failed most.

When you take also the Speaking and Writing exam, you get also targeted Productive skills feedback- both general and detailed for each of four aspects (Range, Accuracy, Coherence and Fluency/Task Completion), including some specific mistakes you made during your test or recommendations what to improve.
You can download this test report also in pdf format.

2. In your user profile, you will find the overall feedback generated from all your tests taken in the last 12 months. It provides you with an explanation of what the specific grammar topic or the S&W aspect means and tips on which exercises you should focus on in your preparation for the next test. 

Note: If your test is provided via school or company, the test administrator can decide to not show the test results and this feedback to the test-takers.