Monday, October 4, 2021

New features for admins: Credits assignation (Core, Verified, Speaking&Writing)

With the new software update planned for November 2021, we improve the way how you allocate the exam credits to your users.  Now you are able to assign the credit for the specific test version: with or without verification, with or without Speaking&Writing, for the specific level or for all.
This update has no impact on the cost and terms of use of the Core licences and credits for the additional options. 

Previously, you activated the user license in two steps- add the user and send them the invitation. 

In the new process, after you create new users, you decide which type of English test you want to enable for them and assign the respective credits. With this action, you have much bigger flexibility in combining different versions of the test as well as stricter control over the use of your credits.

You can find the assigned credits in the new column on your Users page or in the user profile. You can always allocate only one credit of each type per user. When it is spent (Core test expiring after 12 months, Verified and Sp/Wr used for the level test), you can assign them the new credit if needed.  

If your user did not use the credit, you can individually cancel the assignation and use those credits for another user or you can also change the level for which you assigned these credits. 

If you are using vouchers for the activation, this option is now available from the home page via Add user button. The Core licence is assigned to the voucher automatically, but now you can also assign the upsell credits (Verified exam or Speaking&Writing) to the specific voucher.