Tuesday, May 18, 2021

New feature for admins: Verified credits counter in the company accounts

Administrators of the organizational accounts can now manage the credits for the Verified exam and activate and deactivate the access to the verified exams for their users. 

Super-admins enable the online proctoring (invigilation) module for their organization in their Settings
a) Standard means that the online proctoring is disabled and the test is provided as is, without a camera and identity verification. 
b) Proctored shows only the Verified exam option (with the camera, identity verification, and mandatory time limit). 
c) Both- with this option, users will be able to choose which type of test they want to take. 

In order to access the Verified exams, organizations need to have the active Verified exam credits which can be ordered on the Users page by clicking order more licences 

One Verified credit is used for each successful level test (with a score above 65%). Tests with a score below 65% do not get the certificate so they are not submitted to verification and do not spend the Verified credit.