Tuesday, October 18, 2016

SSL Encryption on TrackTest English Proficiency tests

English test SSL encryptedTracktest domains- tracktest.eu and app.tracktest.eu are encrypted with the latest and regularly updated encryption mechanisms. They are encrypted before being transmitted over the Internet.

Encryption makes it difficult for unauthorized people to view information traveling between computers. Therefore it is unlikely that anyone read this page as it traveled across the network.

What does it mean for me?
SSL encryption adds an extra layer of security for registered users and visitors. However, you can continue to use our TrackTest pages as before.

In your browser, you will see the green lock next to the web address and https in the address itself. 
english test ssl certificate
All TrackTest links without https are automatically redirected to https version.     

P.S. This blog stays on http protocol as the Google technology running this blog does not allow the migration yet. We are looking at the alternatives to enable it here too.  Update: blog.tracktest.eu now runs on SSL as well.