Wednesday, November 9, 2016

How to generate voucher codes (tutorial for admins)

User activation via vouchers is a handy method for the company and school admins requiring stricter control over the English assessment of their students and employees.

Administrators create voucher codes directly in the admin interface by selecting the option Create vouchers. Voucher codes are then added to the list of Users, from where they can be exported into Excel or PDF.
Once the user applies the vouchers during the registration, the code is attributed to the user and can be found by hovering the mouse over the username, clicking the username details or in a separate column in the exported file of users. 

If you decide later that you do not want to use all of the vouchers, you can simply delete them using the Archive/Prolong feature and the respective number of licences will be returned to the Credits available.

How will English test users submit the activation voucher?

There are two ways how can users unlock all English proficiency levels with the activation voucher. 

a) They can use the classic registration flow where they create the account with an e-mail and password and in the next step, they will be asked to submit the voucher. 

b) Another option is even more straightforward. Users can use the dedicated page (also works with the custom URLs) where they add username/e-mail and voucher. This page works for both first-time registration and login of the existing user. 

Here is a short video tutorial on how to use TrackTest vouchers: