Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Company Admins: Three ways to maximise your brand presence at Tracktest

Three tips for company account admins to increase their organization brand presence within the TrackTest English Assessment Centre solution.

1. Upload Organisation logo and name: 

Make sure that you use the correct name of your organization. Contact your account manager if you want to change it. Do not forget to upload your logo. Go to edit company settings and upload your logo there.

It will then be displayed to your users when they select the test:

... and also on their downloadable English certificates and shared pre-test and level test results:

2. Get your special dedicated URL link: 

We can optionally create a special link for your account. All users registering through this special link will see your logo right during the registration and will also be automatically assigned to your account. You can decide if you enable access to the tests automatically or will require them to submit a voucher code (the default is locked access).
Update: You can now create and edit your custom URL link by yourself

3. Show the extra value you provide to your users

All organizations with active TrackTest licenses automatically become a member of the TrackTest partner network. Use the logo below in your communication- website, e-mails or printed catalogs:

Highlight that you are better than your competition. With the TrackTest solution, you provide extra value to your students and employees, show it off!
(Contact your account manager if you have any special design requirements for this logo (format, resolution, etc.)