Friday, December 2, 2016

For admins: Custom URL for companies and schools

Custom URL links are becoming a standard feature for all organisational customers. In your company settings (Edit profile), you can see the option for Custom Registration URL.
All visitors registered via this custom link is automatically added to your company account in the free mode (placement test). It means that they can take a placement test but they have locked access to the detailed level tests. No credit is used for these registrations.

If you decide you want to provide full access to these users, invite them to the test via e-mail or send them the activation voucher code and they get all levels unlocked.

What if I don't want to use the custom URL? 
Leave the field blank and the feature is disabled for your account.

How can I use it? 
Add it to your website (Career section for companies or Placement test for schools)  and start collecting the contacts of your future students or job candidates for free. Let them do the English placement test and then use your purchased licenses only for the specific users you want to assess more precisely.