Thursday, December 3, 2015

Test time limit- optional feature for company and school admins

The time limit for the English proficiency test is an optional feature available for all company and school accounts. Account administrators can set a maximum duration of English tests in minutes for their users.

The countdown starts from the moment when a user enters the test. The English level test cannot be paused therefore users need to more focus on completion.

If you consider using this feature, ensure that your students and users have created conditions where they cannot be interrupted or disturbed. If their time expires before the completion of the test, the remaining questions are flagged as incorrectly answered.

Configuration is straightforward:
In your company account, go to settings where you have the section Time limit. You can set the time limit for pre-test and level tests and save. It automatically applies to all new tests and all users of your account.

See the video tutorial for more information:

Updated 17.2.2017:
Based on the feedback from our customers, we implemented some further enhancements, shown in the video below:

1. Users see the max. time before they start the English test.
After they start the test, the counter with the remaining time is displayed below the header during the whole test.

2. Administrators can assign more time to the specific test. It can be used when the user runs out of time due to technical problems. The counter with the extended time starts immediately after the administrator saves the extended time.