Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Year 2014 in numbers at English Assessment Centre TrackTest

What a year 2014!

In year 2014, we provided our English tests to users from 173 countries speaking 136 languages.  We tested 5 times more people in level tests than in 2013, even though we have stopped offering the free level tests for individual users. 

We introduced a couple of new features, e.g. upgrade of the company module in February, individual English weaknesses analysis, or free placement tests (pretests) in September. 

Above all, we are glad that you, our dear customers, stay with us. 92 percent of companies or organisations using our company solution for English assessment made their second or next order in 2014.  

Thank you for being with us! 

May you get only good options to choose and may you make no mistakes in your personal and business life in the coming year 2015 :-)