Friday, May 31, 2024

Get Your Speaking & Writing Results Swiftly with Express Delivery

Are you in a hurry to receive your Speaking & Writing and Verification results? Waiting the standard two weeks might not align with your schedule. That's where our Express Delivery service comes into play. Opt for this service, and we'll expedite your results, ensuring they're published within a mere 48 hours.

Keep in mind, this service is exclusively for those awaiting verification or the Speaking and Writing assessment outcomes. If you've completed the Standard Core test, your results are available instantly—no waiting necessary.

If you're anticipating both the Speaking & Writing assessment and Verification for the same test, rest easy—you'll only need a single Express Credit.

For individual test-takers, the process is straightforward. Simply select the Express Delivery option on your test results page to activate this speedy service.

If you've received access to the tests via your organization—be it through an invitation or a voucher—please contact your test administrator to facilitate the Express Delivery for you.