Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Changes in the certificate format - Core test and Complete test

English Certificate
In January 2021, we will update the design of the TrackTest English certificates.

Changes are mainly in wording and visuals. Test construct, methodology and minimum required score for getting the Core certificate (65%) does not change. Updates apply to both standard and verified version of the certificate

All previously achieved certificates remain valid and available in their original format. 

We describe an updated format in more details in this article.  


Receptive skills: Grammar + Reading + Listening

Key changes: 

  • It is now more clearly stated that this is the certificate for the Core English Language test (receptive skills).
  • Percentage results for the subsections are replaced with the verbal statements (below the level, meets the level, above the level). Details about the percentage success rates for sub-sections are moved to the accompanying test report. 


All skills (Receptive and Productive): Grammar + Reading + Listening + Speaking + Writing

If you add to your test result also the Speaking and Writing exam, you have a chance to get the new Complete English Language Test Certificate covering all four skills. This is a brand new format which replaces the original certificate for the Core test with Speaking and Writing and it is provided as the separate document, along with the Core test certificate. 

In the previous format, the Speaking and Writing results were provided as the standalone verbal results (below, meets, above the level). In this new format, each productive skill has also the numeric score which impacts the overall score.  

As a result, you have a chance to pass the level and get this new Complete Test certificate even if you performed, for instance, the Speaking part slightly below the level but had other skills extremely good. 
In order to successfully pass the level and get the Complete Test certificate, two conditions need to be met:
  • the Complete Test total score is 65% and more.
  • none of the sub-scores (Core test, Speaking, Writing) is below 44%.
This new format change has no effect on costs, licences, verification process or test construct itself. All previously achieved results and certificates remain valid.