Thursday, March 17, 2016

English Speaking test- how it works

Test your English spoken skills
We have released a brand new feature for all individual accounts- the English Speaking test.

All individual users can now try the Speaking test in their profile if they have successfully passed any TrackTest level test with a certificate.
For corporate and school accounts it was already offered for some time and can be activated upon request.

How the Speaking test works:

The speaking test will take about 10 minutes and you will need a microphone on your PC to complete the test.

The first question is freely available so you can try it works for you. The rest of the test is available after the payment.

After completion, our trained assessors evaluate your answers, and positive results will be added to your TrackTest English certificate. You will also get the Speaking Test Protocol with recommendations on your mistakes and what you should improve. Learn more about the Speaking test.