Friday, March 11, 2016

English for schools - custom features

English schools online testTrackTest English Test Online is a highly customisable solution for the English language

Specifically for educational institutions administrators- primary schools, high schools and universities, TrackTest provide optional custom English test features available upon request and FREE OF CHARGE.

TrackTest platform can be used as a school or university entrance exam as well as English progress monitoring tool in classes.

See more in this short video:

Available customisation of the TrackTest school account:

  1. Special registration link with the school logo
    School or university can get the custom link to the English test online application featuring their logo and name during the registration process and testing.
  2. Name instead of e-mail
    Primary schools and K-12 education institutions do not need to work with e-mails of their students and pupils. Upon request, you can enable use of any username (e.g. name or student ID fro the school system) during the student registration.
  3. Unique activation codes
    Schools or universities can distribute the specific activation codes to the students so only right students in the right time take an English test online.  
  4. Custom text in any language with the link or contact detailsYou can feature your own text below the voucher submission button. It can explain the process in your language or display the contact for teacher or manager where they can ask for more information.
  5. Voucher only, no credit card option
    Standard flow for the licence activation provide two options- a) Submit activation code (voucher) or b) Pay with credit card. Since you do not want to confuse your students with credit card payment, you can decide to hide this option and show only voucher submission form.
Need more information? English school online contacts will assist you in any further requests.