Thursday, November 16, 2017

Detailed English test results- feedback, comparison with others and pdf export

Tracktest English proficiency test provides more than the result and the CEFR English certificate.

Here are some new test result features available in all TrackTest accounts.
English exam protocol

1. Reports for receptive and productive English exams are in the same location.

2. English Grammar Topics A feedback on top grammar questions you had incorrect in your test (categorized in 16 English grammar topics). 

3. Feedback for all sections of the English Core test (Grammar, Reading, Listening)

4. Comparison vs. others. The chart shows how good your result is compared to the others' results at the same level. Test-takers in assessment centers and organizations see the comparison in their country.

5. PDF export of the English exam report
You can export this information to the printable pdf format and attach it to the Tracktest English certificate.