Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Share your English test result with your friends

New sharing buttons will appear below your each successful completed test and pre-test. With them, you can share a special dedicated English test result page with certificate publicly or just with your friends on social media, e.g.  Facebook, Twitter, VK and LinkedIn. 
english proficiency test online sharing results

How to share my previous English test result?

In your TrackTest profile, you can see the list of all your previous results. All shareable exam results will get an icon in Share column. Click there and you get a dedicated link with English certificate or placement test result which you can share with your friends or public.
English proficiency test and placement test result

What if I do not see the Share icon in my Results?

English level test result is not shareable if you do not pass the English level successfully, i.e. you do not score the minimum required percentage rate for the successful completion. But you would not want to share your failures anyway, aren't you?  :-)

What will my friends see? 

Only what you share with them, i.e. the single page with the English test certificate.  They do not see your other results nor account details. Please note that once you share your test result, it become public. So while it should not appear in the general google search, it can be accessed by anybody who knows the link. Contact TrackTest English Support if you want to cancel your English certificate sharing. 

I was invited by my company to take a test. Do I need to send them my English result via these share buttons?

No. In such case, all your test results are shared with your company administrator automatically. You can find this information also in your Test Result page.