Thursday, March 21, 2013

New roles and Dedicated URL (updates for Corporate module)

Here is the list of new enhancements in the Corporate Module released this week:

1. Three roles in the TrackTest Corporate Module.
  • Users which can do an English test, see their results and history.
  • Group Admins can see the results of all users for their group, invite them to test and export results. However, they cannot add new users. This role is typically applicable for team leaders or teachers who want to see the results of their teams or class.
  • Super admin- typically only one for each company who created the company profile. It can be HR manager or your language school provider.Super admin has full powers to add and archive users, add them to groups, change name of users and promote them to admins.
In order to draw the clear line between these roles, admins are in Users and Results pages highlighted with asterisk (*).

Super admins are not listed in the Users table as they usually do not need to track their results together with users. However, they still can access all tests from their Personal Profile.

2. Extra company branding for Dedicated URL

For big companies and language schools, we offer also the product Dedicated URL Unlimited. Charged with the fixed monthly fee, company gets special link (3rd level domain is also possible, e.g. which can be shared on their website, mail communication or social networks.
Company do not need to create users because they register on their own. They see their company or language school own logo in registration form and are also automatically included into their Corporate Module. For language schools, it is a great tool for collecting leads for their classes as well as the quality initial sorting test. Big companies can use it for the bulk pre-screening of candidates for the positions where is a certain level of English required.

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